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Solo and Duo


Fantasy-Variations on Thematic Material from Liszt’s Faust Symphony, op. 1a, P.10 [2000/2005]
Solo Piano
Duration: c.30’

Conversations with Scriabin, op. 6, P.13 [1997-2011, in progress
Solo piano

1. Prelude [1997]
2. Rhapsody [1998]
3. Berceuse for the left hand [2001]
4. Poeme mystique [2011]
5. Grey Mass [2010]
6. Epilogue [2000]

Duration: c.35’

Lt. Kije Variations, P.27 [2003-7]
Collaborative variation set
Solo piano
Transcribed, Compiled and Edited by David Plylar
Composers: Matthew Barber, Ryan T. Connell, Christian Gentry, Marcus Macauley, Ryan Oldham, Daniel Pesca, Alexander Topala, Aaron Travers, Christopher Winders

Lobotomy, op. 21a, P.42 [2013]
Solo extended-range oboe

Lobotomy, op. 21b, P.42 [2013]
Solo oboe


Nachtstücke, op. 2c, P.5, T.23 [1998]
English Horn and Piano
Duration: c.12’

Phantom Vignettes, op. 13, P.22 [2005-6]
Violin and piano
Duration: c.10’

Fractured Colloquy, op. 14, P.24 [2006]
Oboe and piano
Duration: c.7’

Duel Intentions, op. 15, P.28 [2008]
Cello and piano
Duration: c.8’

Barobonics, op. 16, P.29 [2008]
2 baroque oboes
Duration: c.6.5’

Reliquary: Selected Relics, op. 17b, P.30 [2009]
Piano and celesta
Duration: c.5’

Socket Monkey, op. 18, P.32 [2010]
2 percussion
Duration: c.8’


Mozart: 3 Cadenzas for the Oboe Concerto, K.314, P.25 [2007]

Small Chamber Ensemble (6 or fewer players)


Serenade, op. 5, P.11 [2000/1]
Flute, viola, cello
Duration: c.20’

Skirmish, op. 12, P.20 [2005]
Oboe, E-flat clarinet, viola
Duration: c.5’


Guitar Quartet, op. 9a, P.16 [2004]
Duration: c.9’

String Quartet no. 1, op. 11, P.19 [2005]
Duration: c.20’


Three Pieces for Brass Quintet, op. 3, P.7 [1999-2001]

I. Prelude
II. Capriccio 1
III. Capriccio 2 

Duration: c.8’

Laocöon, op. 22, P.46 [2015]
Flute, oboe, bass clarinet, piano, violin
Duration: c.20’


Fantasy-Variations on Thematic Material from Liszt’s Faust Symphony, op. 1b, P.10, T.24 [2000/2005, transcribed 2008]
Flute/piccolo, oboe, clarinet/bass clarinet, piano, violin/viola, cello
Duration: c.30’

Large Chamber Ensemble (More than 6 players)


The Triumph of Sisyphus, op. 7, P.14 [2003]
Flute/piccolo, Clarinet/bass clarinet, 2 percussion, piano, violin, cello
Duration: c.15’

Party Piece in honor of John Cage, P.38, for the Leipzig Contemporary Music Forum
Duration: c.1’


Four Pieces for Brass Octet, op. 3, P.7, T.10 [1999-2001 for brass quintet and choir, transcribed 2009]
3 B-flat trumpets, horn, euphonium, 2 trombones, tuba 

I. Prelude
II. Capriccio 1
III. Chorale
IV. Capriccio 2

Duration: c.13'


Colossus I, op. 20a, P.37 [2012]


Colossus II, op. 20b, P.37 [2013]

Vocal and Choral

Nachtstücke, op. 2a, P.5 [1998]
Baritone and piano
Duration: c.12’

Psalm 13, op. 4a, P.8 [1999]
Duration: c.5’

The Prophecy of Dante with Commentary by Keats, op. 19, P.33 [2010]
After texts by George Gordon, Lord Byron; John Keats; Mary Shelley & Percy Bysshe Shelley
Soprano, oboe, violin, 2 percussion, piano
Duration: c.20’

Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra

Classical Walpurgis Night, op. 8, P.15 [2004]
Orchestra [3d2.3d1.3d2.3 - 4.3.3d1.1 - timp.3perc.hp.pno/cel – strings]
Duration: c.13’

The Artist’s Studio, op. 10, P.17 [2005]
Piano and chamber orchestra [Solo pno - 2d2.1.2d2.1 - - 3perc.2hp -]

Reliquary, op. 17a, P.30 [2009]
Piano and orchestra [Solo pno -3d2.3d1.3d1.3d1 - - timp.3perc.hp.cel. - strings]
Duration: c.44’


Aqualesce, P.18 [2005]
Directed by Jack Beck

Joe: Body Electric, P.21 [2006]
Directed by Jack Beck

Piercing the Veil, P.41 [2014]
Directed by Paul Fleschner